What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

Our son has an IEP because of ADD and dysgraphia. We mentioned it to the teacher at the beginning of the year and she knew that part of the IEP was that he would go to the resource room for his writing work. I brought his IEP up again at Halloween because of problems our son was having in her classroom--problems that would be addressed by the seating suggested in the IEP. Then at conferences, we again mentioned it. He was being given timed tests that he wasn't passing despite having the knowledge and ability. We pointed out that he was supposed to be given extended time for timed tests or be allowed to do them orally. The teacher refused to do either saying, "I don't know how you're supposed to give extended time on a timed test."

After a lengthy email exchange with this teacher in early December, I finally referred her to a specific paragraph and line in the IEP. She replied that she had not read his IEP. I was furious that after having my son in class for several months and knowing that he had an IEP, that she hadn't bothered to read it yet. When we talked to the principal about it, she said that some teachers prefer not to look at a student's file so that they can be given a "fresh start" each year.