The Power of Perseverance - Brayden Reeves





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The amazing journey of a young man with Autism.


Brayden Reeves

Brayden Reeves was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 years old. He struggled all through his traditional elementary school, even though his mom, Tina Rider, kept asking his teachers to push him to "climb Mount Everest." Then, after finding no success, she discovered Hill School and transferred him. Flash forward 8 years later, and Brayden graduated near the top of his class and received an NCAA swimming scholarship to McMurray University (he just started his freshman year).



Tina Rider

Brayden's mother, the powerhouse behind it all. After the diagnosis, she grieved for one day and then got to work. She hasn't stopped since. This amazing mother has ensured success for her child by having high expectations and working hard.

 "I am happy and honored to assist any family members who feel the autism diagnosis as death sentence but to know there is hope if you just over turn every stone and don't accept no as an answer" ~Tina Rider


Phillip Howley

Phillip Howley is the director of technology at Hill School. Phillip worked very closely with Brayden while he was a student, and he is going to provide us with insight as to how Hill School expectations put Brayden on the path to success Hill School is a K-12 college prep school for children with Learning differences in Fort Worth Texas. They are unique in that they offer a full-service program for children who learn differently. At Hill School, being diagnosed with a learning difference doesn’t mean that you do “easy work” or get a free pass. Instead, it entails a student developing strategies and undergoing training so that they can define and achieve their goals. In Hill School, the common denominator in these students is their commitment to enhancing their strengths through hard work. 




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