Successful study skills are important for everyone, whether you are a student or professional in the workplace. Everyone needs to organize, plan and follow through on their objectives in order to be productive. The attached infographic lays out a well-designed plan for such success and getting the results that we all want. The brain works in such a manner that time-management is essential. To optimize results, this infographic suggests that we study in blocks of twenty-five minutes with a five-minute break. Furthermore, it lays out common sense approaches to studying such as eating right, staying social, finding a good location and being in a good state of mind. And last, the infographic suggests strongly that we adhere to our time deadline. To stay on track for weekly, daily and even hourly goals is a fantastic tool for success. Studying material in the most effective manner is not as easy as sitting down and reading until everything is memorized. By having a balanced approach, both psychological and physiological, we can optimize our time for information retention and success! Using the flowchart in this infographic is a great tool to ensure that you achieve the results that you want and deserve.

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