There are many sites and articles directed toward helping people with ADHD. There are also many sites and articles about to assist the people around others with ADHD. One of the first steps knows whether an individual has ADHD or has other issues going on. There are many lists out there that can be used as yes or no signs for ADHD. If you or someone around you has ADHD, then special steps should be taken to ensure that individual is getting the proper education and care. Special teaching techniques, relaxation exercises, and even diets have been developed to help someone with ADHD live a more full life. In fact, some people with ADHD can be more productive in school or the workplace because of their overactive brain. In summary, if you or someone you know is suspected of having ADHD, utilize the resources available to diagnose and treat the symptoms. A very satisfying life waits.

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Symptoms of ADHD, Di

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