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Dyscalculia / Nov 24, 2015
Math may not be your child’s forte, but that does not mean his or her future is bleak. My daughter got home upset yesterday when her friends discussed their future career choice: one wanted to be an...Read more
Education / Nov 21, 2015
Whether your child is a budding Jimi Hendrix or just loves bobbing to the rhythm of the latest pop song, music certainly has much to offer. Here's how it can better your child's learning process.Read more
Mathematics / Oct 28, 2015
It’s official. Parents can no longer take a backseat when it comes to their children’s education. What are we talking about? Read on.Read more
Mathematics / Oct 26, 2015
The days of sedentary learning are over. Time and again, many are proving that you can blend physical activities with academics.Read more
Mathematics / Oct 1, 2015
Math does not have to boring. And all you need is just a board game to spice it up. We kid you not. Read on.Read more
Mathematics / Sep 18, 2015
Bill Would Require Counting Change in School Meredith H. Mitchell, author of a “ Bill would require counting change in school ” brings to light the dying art of teaching our students how to make...Read more
Mathematics / Sep 17, 2015
Ever get a pit in your stomach when it comes to math? Does your child? Hating math is likely not your fault. Read why!Read more
Dyscalculia / Feb 24, 2015
My kids are incredibly competitive when it comes to a game of “hide-n-go” seek in the back yard, bike races on the sidewalk, video games in the evening…During the school day my kids seem to lose...Read more