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Dyslexia / Jan 9, 2024
This blog post delves into the intertwined paths of acting and learning difficulties. We explore how one actor's audition experience leads to a deeper understanding of overcoming challenges like dyslexia, drawing parallels with Tom Cruise's success despite his struggles with the condition.Read more
Parenting / Jan 8, 2024
This blog post delves into the growing challenge of attention difficulties, exacerbated in the last three years. We explore the impact of short attention spans on children's learning and provide insights into a science-backed system designed to improve focus for both children and adults.Read more
Parenting / Jan 7, 2024
Today's children are navigating a world that is changing faster than ever, making parenting more challenging. This blog post delves into the complexities of modern parenting, the hidden struggles of children with mental health issues, and the role of parenting techniques in either exacerbating or alleviating these challenges.Read more
Education / Jan 5, 2024
This blog post exposes a pervasive myth in the U.S. education system that has led to ineffective teaching methods and wasted resources. We'll uncover how this myth originated, its impact on students, and introduce scientifically-backed teaching strategies that genuinely work. Prepare to challenge long-held beliefs and embrace methods that truly benefit students.Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 4, 2024
This widespread yet rarely diagnosed learning disability impacts both academics and everyday life. Frequently misdiagnosed, it leaves many suffering in silence, unaware of the root cause of their struggles. In this post, we delve into the signs of this condition, its misdiagnosis, and how it affects individuals like Jack, Lily, Tim, and Jamie – each battling this invisible challenge.Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 3, 2024
Auditory Processing Disorder affects 2 to 7% of children, yet remains widely unrecognized. It's not about the ears' ability to hear but the brain's capacity to process sounds. This condition can lead to difficulties in understanding spoken language and following verbal instructions, potentially paving the way for learning challenges like dyslexia. It's crucial to understand APD, its effects on children and families, and explore ways to support those affected by it.Read more
IEP / Nov 21, 2023
In this informative video, we delve into a range of accommodations and modifications that can be integrated into an IEP for children with dyslexia. Understanding the difference between accommodations and modifications is key, and this video provides detailed lists and insights to empower parents and educators in making informed decisions for their child's unique needs.Read more
Parenting / Nov 16, 2023
This blogpost explores the vital role of mothers in shaping a child’s success, from providing emotional support to guiding education and character development. We highlight how these maternal superpowers impact a child’s life and the importance of recognizing and nurturing them.Read more
Education / Nov 14, 2023
While schools provide a foundation in academics, there are essential life skills they typically miss. This video covers 10 such skills – from financial literacy to digital safety – that are key to personal and professional success but are not standard in school curricula.Read more