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Autism Spectrum Disorder / Apr 2, 2015
With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, we thought of treating you with a list of the best apps for autistic kids. Enjoy!Read more
Dyscalculia / Feb 10, 2015
Feeling frustrated that your child is going nowhere fast with math? Read on – there’s hope.Read more
Dyscalculia / Jan 20, 2015
Tutors are great. But they are not your replacements. As parents, you have to care about your kids’ school life. It makes a world of a difference.Read more
Education / Nov 15, 2014
Your child is struggling at school and you are facing a dilemma: is he or she having a learning disability or just slacking off? These 4 tips help you navigate that.Read more
Dyscalculia / Nov 13, 2014
Despite the positives, schools are a hub of negativity. And, by this, we mean ill-equipped teachers. Below is a story of what happens when you, parents, do not intervene. Remember: your child deserves more.Read more