Dyslexia Test

Do you see your child as incredibly bright but having difficulty in learning to read or write? It can be extremely frustrating when a child has difficulty at things that just shouldn't be that hard.

Well there is a way to get to the bottom of it all. And it's actually not difficult at all.

What is often called dyslexia is actually difficulty in a number of underlying skills. These difficulties together add up to the blanket term dyslexia. But they are always a little different for different people. That's why it's best to figure out what the exact problems are. Thankfully these problems are typically not that hard to fix. It just takes a little knowledge.

This free downloadable ebook is designed to help you uncover the underlying problems that may affect learning to read or write. Problems that may also cause issues with comprehension.

This test is not designed as a professional diagnosis but instead is designed to help parents understand the problem and get their child in the right path to learning success.

This understanding will enable you to eliminate the struggles your child may have with reading. Relieving their anxiety and making for a happier more successful child.

You can start the test by clicking here.