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Emmanuel / Apr 21, 2015
No, Simon does not "suffer from" dyslexia. He has dyslexia. People with learning disabilities should be addressed properly. So drop the offensive language. For pointers, read on.Read more
Kara Skarda / Apr 09, 2015
Are job centres crucial in helping dyslexic people get jobs? This UK study thinks so. Do you agree or disagree?Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 07, 2015
If you want to teach your kids some math magic, go old school. How about teaching them to count change? It even could be a refresher for you, too.Read more
Kara Skarda / Apr 02, 2015
With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, we thought of treating you with a list of the best apps for autistic kids. Enjoy!Read more
Kara Skarda / Mar 31, 2015
Learning disabilities are frustrating. There's just no way to alter that statement. They're frustrating for the parents, who want to see their child succeed. And they're even more frustrating for the child, who may internalize the message that they're justRead more