Our Story

Have you ever thought about how much different advice you seem to get over a learning problem? It seems like everyone is an expert

Maybe you've hired an expert and had mixed results? Your child may have progressed a bit and then there was a backslide. This is common and there's a reason for it. I understand how frustrating it can be when this happens. And it happens all too often.

The reason most approaches don't work well is that they don't cover the three critical areas necessary to succeed. They tend to concentrate in one area when actually a combination approach is needed. Without all three strategies success is rare.

Most experts in the field of learning difficulties focus only on their area of expertise. Not realizing that it actually takes expertise from multiple disciplines to combat a learning problem.

Fortunately for me I stumbled upon the right combination. Through a stroke of luck I found this magical combination. I'll tell you how I discovered this fascinating technique which has now been confirmed by neuroscientists.

My name is Liz Weaver. I've helped hundreds of children overcome their learning problems using my three pronged approach.

Here are my three strategies that can lead your child to success.

Strategy #1 - Build up the fundamental skills of learning

Learning is actually made up of smaller skill sets. Components of learning. There are 16 of them in all. A weakness in one or more of these skills will hinder learning. A weakness in two or more of these components of learning is often diagnosed as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or other common learning problems.

Working with educational therapists and experts from various fields I developed a program that strengthens all 16 of these skills. Once these more basic skills are mastered learning becomes easy. Even when the disability had previously seemed extreme.

The great thing is, With the right strategies, these components of learning are surprisingly easy to develop.

However when a child has been struggling they have typically lost self confidence and have very low self esteem. When that has happened it is necessary to incorporate:

Strategy #2 - Build up confidence

I've been lucky to have years of training in the confidence building field. Actually my knowledge of this comes from a many thousand year old tradition, Kung Fu. I'm a Kung Fu black belt and professional instructor. Running a kung fu school for so long has taught me what it takes to motivate. I've worked with hundreds of kids who had suffered from low self esteem and successfully helped them transform into smiling confident hard working kids.

Building self confidence is essential. When children become confident they are willing and able to take on and conquer new challenges. Without it they simply stagnate.

Children with learning problems have built up anxieties around learning. Destroying their confidence and self esteem. That's why confidence building can't be skipped if you want your child to succeed in school.

Strategy #3 - Integrate the body and mind

This is the magic part. The part that neuroscience is just figuring out why it works. For us martial artists we've known for a long time. the body and mind are connected in more ways than we know.

Over a decade ago I found that kids who suffered from learning problems started doing better in school if they studied kung fu. The reason for this is that kung fu not only balances the brain but it also primes it for learning. This is because the cross lateral motions and learning to coordinate the body cause new nerons and new neural pathways to form. Scientists only recently discovered this. It's called neuroplasticity.

When you use techniques that stimulate neuroplasticity you prepare the brain for developing stronger learning capabilities. So if you do these exercises with the learning skills exercises you have an amazing combination. The first readies the brain for growth and the second takes advantage of that state.

When you do the mind body exercises together with the learning skill building exercises you turn the brain into a learning machine.

So once I figured all this out, I brought in experts from various fields. I knew that putting the perfect program together would take experts in several areas. Specifically, beyond my own expertise, I consulted with educational therapists, educators, learning disability specialists, and psychologists. Together we created the learning success program. The only program that uses all three strategies necessary to overcome a learning problem.

This amazing new approach quickly gets children past a learning problem. So they can go on to enjoy a happy successful life.

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