23 Ways Music Can be Positive for the Body (Infograph)

The following article lists twenty-three ways music can be positive on the body. The affects of music on the brain can have a large amount of positive effects. It’s proven that music activates parts of the brain that are not normally used during regular normal day to day activities. The average person listens to twenty-five songs a day. That is over one song per hour of the day. Listening to music can lesson people’s pain. It can’t prevent one from over eating. It can generally leave people feeling better all around. Music has been proven to have healing affects on the body. And it definitely can improve a person’s overall mood. Michigan State University boasts the number one music education program in the world. The effects of music on the body are vast. Perhaps most importantly is the positive effects that have been captured within education. Listening to music has proven to increase learning capability among people.

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23 Ways You Can Pain