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Dyslexia / Nov 25, 2017
Dyslexia is a fairly common disorder, and can be determined by several indicators.Read more
Education / Nov 16, 2017
If your child shows these signs, it may be worth investigating how to help.Read more
Mathematics / Nov 8, 2017
If you want to teach your kids some math magic, go old school. It even could be a refresher for you, too.Read more
Neuroscience of Learning / Nov 8, 2017
Learning disabilities happen when the sides of your brain don't communicate -- but you can retrain them so they do.Read more
Dyslexia / Sep 8, 2017
Scientists have discovered a variation on dyslexia which causes similar, but different symptoms.Read more
Dyscalculia / Aug 13, 2017
Why are Americans so bad at math? Is it because we don’t teach kids at a young age?Read more
Dyslexia / Jul 13, 2017
Most teachers don’t understand the challenges of dyslexia in students. The diagnosis often comes after a child has fallen behind and is frustrated by schoolwork. 
When dyslexia is identified early, students can get the necessary resources and help that they need.Read more
Mathematics / Jul 13, 2017
Have you been thinking of ways to help children engage more in their mathematical education? Try setting up a math circle!Read more
Dyslexia / Jul 10, 2017
Finally, the U.S. Department of Education is stepping up to the plate in support of children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. Well, just a little anyway.Read more