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Mathematics / Jan 17, 2018
Do you identify as a “math person?” If not, it many not have anything to do with your ability, but more to do with the support that surrounds you.Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 12, 2018
Barbara Dianis knows what it feels like to be cast aside and told not to expect too much from her life.Read more
Education / Jan 12, 2018
Maybe playing games in school is a part of the answer to achieving higher learning.Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 4, 2018
Dyslexia is technically a multi-billion dollar business. Is that a bad thing?Read more
Neuroscience of Learning / Jan 4, 2018
Does your child truly have ADD or dyslexia? Or is it auditory processing disorder instead?Read more
Education / Jan 4, 2018
Methods employers use to increase job satisfaction could also apply to schools!Read more
Education / Jan 4, 2018
All kids love to play, but did you know it actually has cognitive benefits?Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 3, 2018
Being dyslexic has nothing to do with intelligence. If anything, the biggest challenge faced is how to identify dyslexia early and intervene appropriately. Unfortunately the US is not leading the way in this. Many countries are far more advanced in this area.Read more
Education / Jan 2, 2018
Trying to fit a divergent learner into a mold can kill their spirit and ensure academic failure. Even for the most intelligent of students. Is Common core a boon or bane for our children?Read more