Sensory play involves the use of one or more of the five senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. When sensory play is referred to as “messy” it often means that more than one of these senses will be involved. Contrary to what the name suggests, messy sensory play can actually be beneficial. Some might say the messier, the better, which is unlikely to be said about anything else. Sensory play is often geared around children in the form of games and activities to help them develop their senses. Messy sensory play can have a number of benefits. In addition to sculpting a child’s senses at a faster rate, it can benefit the child psychologically and emotionally. This kind of sensory training often leads to increased self-confidence in children and a willingness to try new things. Boosts have been recorded in other categories as well, such as self-control, creativity, and imagination.

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Benefits of Messy Se