ADHD and Anxiety Disorder are two completely different mental conditions. Even though some people may mistake them one for another, there are several ways to distinguish them. Those with ADHD often have executive functioning skills impaired. Those suffering from anxiety disorder struggle with chronic worry and fear about life events or other things in the world around them. Those with anxiety disorder experience symptoms of uneasiness, fear, panic, the inability to sleep easily, a pounding heart, or a nauseated feeling because of their anxiety. ADHD sufferers have difficulty focusing on important tasks and often cannot control their impulses. There are two males to every female that are affected by ADHD and 7-12% of the population has the condition. Anxiety disorder affects females more than males and nearly 17% of the population is affected. Both conditions can be treated through approved medications. Help and intervention from loved ones in the home, at school, or at work can also play a major role in treatment.

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ADHD and Anxiety Dis

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