My situation:
My son is a 6th grade student.
He came to the US from Guatemala when he was 3 years old and only spoke "baby spanish".
He stopped speaking for about 6 months
He finally received Speech Therapy through Child Development Services
So, it's been an ongoing race to catch up with his peers
Started receiving special ed services in second grade
To qualify they gave him a language disability
Current services are: ESL, Speech, Math, Reading, Language
Receives EYS plus attends a "summer reading academy" for 4 weeks every summer
We have a private tutor whom he loves and she loves him
He continues to make progress but doesn't catch up to his peers, always behind the moving target
I've been very happy with the IEP and ongoing support from the school until last year, 5th grade. He had a horrible teacher who only saw his disability and not his ability. She tried very hard to move him out of her classroom and into the self contained classroom, and she and I fought constantly. Fortuntely, the special education director told her she would not move my son because of the support he receives at home. If it was different home enviorment she would have done it.
He just started 6th grade and is in middle school.
I've signed his IEP for this year after many revisions and feel good about where are we now. In the past, I won't sign the IEP unless it meets my objectives. I've taken a number of workshops through Maine Parent Federation and feel like I understand the IEP process and know how to "talk the talk". School systems behavior is like another planet, I always feel like I go the moon when I go to an IEP meetings.
I've added a "potrait" about my son for new school personal to read so they know his background. We live in Maine and there aren't many kids like him, adopted internationally at a late age. Most adopted kids I know have come to the US as infants.
I would like to see the report when you are finished.