Robby's IEP

I want to explain my choice above, I am only happy, because it forced his teachers to help him. My Son Robby, who is now 22, has Central Auditory Processing Disorder, at the time was not reconized by the Social Security Administration as a LD, so he was funded under specific Learning disabled, 2 years language delayed.
My experience was horrible for the most part and I had to get outside help in making sure that the IEP was followed and the approiate goals where listed and mastered.
The goals seemed to be reworded every year, and the 3 year testing guideline was never followed in less forced and testing by an audiologist never happened.
What helped Robby the most was the first line of his IEP, to sit in the front of the classroom.
As a Parent I was overwhelmed, I had to learn everything without guidance from the School Board, I learned most of what I have learned online or by private professionals. My personal opinion is that Schools officals are told to put as little as possible on the IEP, to not tell the parents their options and that they lie.
But without the IEP in place.....Robby wouldn't have gotton what he did get and the help he needed.
It is a great tool to help these kids, but it is a constant battle to make sure it is followed.