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Education / Aug 6, 2020
Is your child's behavior sometimes an issue? Are you concerned that your child may not be getting the most out of classes in the new learning environment? In this interview, we tackle both of these issues as well as provide resources to help teachers adapt as well. Dr. Barry McCurdy is the Director of the Devereux Center for Effective Schools. He has spent his career focusing on behavior disorders and how to help children overcome them. This interview is packed with information for parents and teachers alike. And especially tuned for the COVID-19 learning environment. Dr. Barry McCurdy's primary research interest in the treatment of disruptive behavior disorders has led to several prevention/early intervention initiatives in urban schools. And it can help your child as well.Read more
Education / Jun 1, 2020
Children just seem to come out with their own personalities in place. And when you add in parents have their own unique personalities, understanding each other can be a challenge. That's where the Enneagram comes in. It's a simple tool that helps us understand our own personalities as well as those of our children. And with better understanding comes empathy. Wouldn't it be great to understand and get along better with your child? Check out this interview with Enneagram master and New York Times best-selling author Ian Morgan Cron. It might just be the tool you need to become the best parent possible.Read more