Judy Hanning / Jun 23, 2017
Have you ever heard of the Franklin Speller or wondered how it might help someone with Dyslexia? Find out more in this video.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 21, 2017
Have you ever thought about how to embrace Dyslexia? See this video here for more information.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 20, 2017
Would you like to enhance your child's creativity? We can be proactive about enhancing our creativity. This infographic shows us how.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 17, 2017
What do you know about Dyslexia? Learn more in this video here!Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 16, 2017
Did you know the Dyslexia Panel had an event on July 14th, 2016 called the Reading League. Find out more about this event in this video!Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 12, 2017
Youth movements have always been a focal point of awareness efforts. Utah Ambassadors are raising awareness when it comes to Dyslexia and related issues.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 8, 2017
Did you or your child get tested for Dyslexia and not fully understand the final results? The diagnosis is difficult enough but you are also responsible for further research and to find how to cope better and succeed regardless of dyslexia.Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 8, 2017
Do you know any young learners who have experienced dramatic shifts in their capabilities all at once? Were you one of these young learners? Content area literacy is an interesting marker in identifying dyslexic and possibly gifted students. What do you know about it?Read more
Judy Hanning / Jun 8, 2017
Do you struggle to teach your child or student with their own learn struggles? The internet is full of resources to educate and inform you and your staff on how to better prepare all students for the inclusion of those with learning strife.Read more
Judy Hanning / May 23, 2017
Adult advocates and community groups are helpful for learners with struggling diagnosis. However, when other students gather to discuss World Dyslexia Awareness Month, the students that do have face an uphill battle feels less alone with their peers.Read more
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