Precious / Jan 5, 2024
This blog post exposes a pervasive myth in the U.S. education system that has led to ineffective teaching methods and wasted resources. We'll uncover how this myth originated, its impact on students, and introduce scientifically-backed teaching strategies that genuinely work. Prepare to challenge long-held beliefs and embrace methods that truly benefit students.Read more
Precious / Nov 14, 2023
While schools provide a foundation in academics, there are essential life skills they typically miss. This video covers 10 such skills – from financial literacy to digital safety – that are key to personal and professional success but are not standard in school curricula.Read more
Precious / Nov 13, 2023
Sometimes kids get punished at school for not turning their homework in, and sometimes it's just not their fault. Maybe they missed out on a field trip or some other opportunity, or maybe they even...Read more
Precious / Sep 2, 2023
Having homework woes with your child? Liz Weaver suggests a strategic reward system! Identify their resistance point, then use timely rewards like tokens or stickers to boost motivation. Consistency is key! Dive deeper with the Learning Success System.Read more
Precious / Aug 28, 2023
Struggling with homework battles? Turn frustration into inspiration! Learn effective strategies to nurture a positive learning attitude in your child.Read more
Precious / Aug 28, 2023
Navigating the path that best serves your child's needs. Discover insights on finding the perfect balance between support and inclusion in education. Empower their learning journey!Read more
Precious / Aug 26, 2023
Tired of homework battles? Discover effective strategies to transform study time into a breeze! From changing study spots to gamifying learning, these tips will make homework engaging and stress-free. Check out the article for more insights. Let's conquer homework challenges together!Read more
Precious / Aug 24, 2023
Struggling with homework battles? Discover effective strategies to transform resistance into enthusiasm, and set your child up for academic success! Check out our latest blog post for expert insights.Read more
Judy Hanning / May 14, 2023
It is vital for children to develop strategies that will help them manage their emotions so that they will be able to build social-emotional skills just like adults. It’s not natural for children to...Read more