Executive functions are skills that children and adults use in everyday life. These are skills that encourage autonomy and successful growth in children. To help parents understand if their child has issues with executive functions, the infographic offers eight areas in which a child may be impaired. The first criterion is impulse control – that is, whether or not the child can think before acting. Children who often overreact may have poor emotional control. Another criterion is flexible thinking. A healthy child should be able to “roll with the punches” and adjust to the unexpected. The fourth criterion is working memory – how well a child can remember directions or instructions. Number five is self monitoring. If a child is often surprised by a grade or cannot estimate their proficiency, they may have an issue. Children with executive function disorders may have trouble with task initiation – not knowing where to start when given a job to do. Finally, number eight is organizational skills, which is basically how neat the child is.

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