Teaching is becoming an increasingly difficult task in society. Some people argue that things “just aren’t the way they used to be,” and that dynamic can be observed in classrooms across the country. There is an increasing amount of disrespect for teachers as authority figures and it makes teaching a difficult, stressful job at times for those who are unable to effectively manage their classrooms. There are a number of strategies that are being taught how to help teachers maintain control of their classrooms and keep their students on track. One example of such strategies is to address problems with the students publicly. Many students act out in search of attention, but when they are addressed in front of the entire class, the attention they thought they wanted may come in the form of embarrassment or humiliation and lead to them, and the students who were there to bear witness to rethink things next time they decide to act out. This serves as only one strategy of many to help keep teachers in command.

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10 Ways to Sabotage

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