In any level of school, from elementary school to the pursuit of a college degree, the biggest challenge is proving that you have learned the curriculum in the form of an exam. Some exams will prove more difficult than others, and even those who have relatively little trouble in school will one day face an exam that causes stress and anxiety. Some students suffer stress and anxiety so badly that it severely affects their performance on the test, and often this is because they have been up all night worrying about how they are going to perform. Outlined are a number of tips to help put your mind at ease the night before an important exam. Reducing stress and anxiety has been proven to improve test performances across the world, as well as contributing to overall mood and health. One example of things that one may consider doing the night before a test is envisioning times that they performed well, and what they did to prepare for that occasion. Also, it can be helpful be helpful to view the exam as an opportunity, instead of a threat, to lessen the perception that this exam is something that should be a stress factor. Different strategies work for different people, but everyone could use a little less stress in their lives!


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