There are many classroom accommodations that can be made to help students with executive functioning issues. There are four major areas that can help students including teaching, classroom, organization and time management and work and test taking. Teachers can help student with executive function issues by ensuring that they give step-by-step instructions and ensure that the students repeat them back to them. Have a daily routing and provide students with an outline of the lesson before they begin. Letting the students know why it is important to know something and making sure they understand the work. Classroom accommodations aid the accommodations the teacher is doing. These can including posting the schedules, providing written worksheets, providing clear written directions. Students can even use a colored strip to place under sentences when reading. The student can do many things to aid in organization and time management. They can create a daily to-do list that they can check things off of. Break large projects into smaller parts and create checklists to complete the smaller sections. Keep baskets of supplies close by and a copy of books at both home and school. Work and test taking should have different ways for the student to complete and ensure they have plenty of time. Use software to aid the students such as speech-to-text and mind-mapping. These small accommodations can go a long way to help a student with executive functioning issues succeed.

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