Explaining Dyslexia
Judy Hanning / May 13, 2020
Dyslexic people have different processing times and reading tasks can be very bad and detrimental to them.Read more
Making Mistakes With Dyslexia
Judy Hanning / Apr 21, 2020
The last thing a dyslexic person needs is to be put into a class where they speak a different language.Read more
A Dyslexic Blogger
Judy Hanning / Apr 19, 2020
Being dyslexic and a blogger is something that can be challenging but also a great learning process.Read more
Literature On Dyslexia
Judy Hanning / Apr 18, 2020
The Dyslexic Advantage is a book that shows you the strengths that exist in dyslexic people.Read more
Making A Room Dyslexic Friendly
Judy Hanning / Apr 10, 2020
An example of a classroom that is inclusive is one that is friendly to kids with dyslexia.Read more
Early Childhood Help
Judy Hanning / Apr 8, 2020
Intervening earlier in your child's development with positive lessons is a great way to let them grow.Read more
Becoming What You Want
Judy Hanning / Mar 30, 2020
One man has gotten a great job even with dyslexia, proving you can do anything with dyslexia.Read more
A Life Not Diagnosed
Judy Hanning / Nov 6, 2019
Many people have gone their whole loves without a diagnosis of dyslexia and have become very successful people.Read more
Aidan's Story
Judy Hanning / Nov 5, 2019
Dyslexia makes communication between teachers and students a lot harder and can have a negative impact on learning.Read more
A Game For Kids
Judy Hanning / Oct 21, 2019
Heracter is a fun game for kids that have dyslexia. Kids with dyslexia have a lot of issues to deal with and the game can help them with their processing skills. It can give them a new view on their issues. The game has many colorful characters. There are a few characters that you get to choose from. There are also a lot of colorful mushrooms that people can use as well. The game is very fun for kids.Read more