This infographic contains information regarding the acronyms and abbreviations regularly utilized by participants of homeschooling. The information is provided by and contains three different categories to classify acronyms and abbreviations. These categories are “Curriculum,” “General Homeschooling,” and “Miscellaneous.” The “Curriculum” category includes acronyms for curriculum topics, including things like “All About Reading” (AAR), “Global Village School” (GVS), and “History Odyssey” (HO). The “General Homeschooling” category includes general acronyms used for common terms from homeschooling, such as “Public School” (PS) and “Waldorf Method” (WM). Finally, the “Miscellaneous” category includes some terms important to education more generally (both home and public), including “Common Core” (CC) and “Social Studies” (SS). The style of this infographic includes four different colored boxes; one each for a title box and the three categories. The heading titles for each are large and printed in a unique color, and are underlined by a line of triangles. The lists of abbreviations and acronyms are written in bold font. The lines of the infographic are clean, simple, and easy to understand.

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FINALLY! An infograp

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