What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

To tell you the truth I don't even remember signing anything they just put my daughter on it. I feel its a cop out on the educators part when teaching my 13 year old daughter. She basically does less work and easier exercises. Now I feel she is very far behind in expressive and written language. The educators like to accomodate these coded children instead of educate them. I am pretty tired of IEP. Doesn't help my daughter one bit. I feel that the school system worries that if the child is sent to a special classroom for special instruction that the other students will tease them. I feel that either way they will get teased due to lack of ability to perform verbal communication. So why not set up a classroom for special needs children that are mildly moderately delayed and get them tuned up so the next year they can be in a regular classroom. Integrated classrooms are no help when there in no help available nor are IEP.