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Parenting / Aug 24, 2023
Struggling with homework battles? Discover effective strategies to transform resistance into enthusiasm, and set your child up for academic success! Check out our latest blog post for expert insights.Read more
IEP / Aug 16, 2023
Is your child on an IEP? Understanding the IEP process is vital for parents to ensure their child's success in special education. Check out our latest blog post to discover strategies, tips, and expert advice. Let's navigate the journey together!Read more
IEP / Aug 15, 2023
Empower your child's learning journey! As a parent, you are the true expert on your child's strengths and interests. Embrace your role as an advocate in the IEP process, collaborating with educators to create a personalized education plan. Unlock your child's full potential with our tips and strategies. Let's work together to ensure their success!Read more
IEP / Aug 11, 2023
Managing Emotions In IEP Meetings
Emotions can run high during IEP meetings, but fear not! Here we'll guide you through managing emotions for a successful outcome. Request parent rights ahead of time, review them carefully, and bring an advocate for added confidence. By focusing on fundamental learning skills and approaching the meeting as a team effort, we'll help your child get the support they need. Join us on this empowering journey to navigate IEP meetings with composure and secure the best for your child's education. #IEP #SpecialEducation #EmpowerParents #LearningSuccessSystemRead more
IEP / Aug 10, 2023
If you have decided that your child needs an IEP, then it's time to prepare for IEPs. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This video will go through all the important ways you need to be...Read more
IEP / Aug 8, 2023
A diagnosis and IEPs can open doors for your child's potential. Let's explore this together. Let's explore inclusive education together, where we foster empathy and celebrate everyone's uniqueness.. Join the transformative journey now.Read more
Parenting / May 2, 2023
Are you unintentionally hindering your child's growth mindset? In a recent conversation with my friend Jennifer, we discussed how constant praise for a child's intelligence or talent can lead them to develop a fixed mindset, where they believe their abilities are set in stone and cannot improve through effort and learning. This can lead to a downward spiral of anxiety and false confidence, as the child tries to prove themselves more and more. As they face new challenges in college, their fixed mindset leaves them ill-equipped to handle the higher expectations and tougher coursework, causing them to resort to excessive partying and avoiding their responsibilities. It's important to praise effort and learning strategies, rather than innate ability, as it fosters a growth mindset that encourages embracing challenges and viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Let's empower our children to develop a growth mindset and reach their full potential!Read more
Reading / Apr 29, 2023
Miranda: "Carla, my son's reading is still so bad. I'm about to lose it. I can't believe it. He's been struggling with reading for years, and no matter how much tutoring he gets, it seems like he's...Read more