root / Nov 19, 2021
You can get the series here Deciding whether or not an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is right for your child is a difficult task. If you don't pursue an IEP and your child needs one they won't...Read more
A Free Screener
Judy Hanning / Dec 8, 2020
A screener for dyslexia can help parents figure out if their child is in need of help.Read more
Help With IEP
Judy Hanning / Dec 7, 2020
There are criminal issues that may happen when a parent begins the IEP process with their child.Read more
Getting To The Source
Judy Hanning / Dec 6, 2020
A school psychologist can offer a lot of insight for a child that is in need of an IEP.Read more
When In Need
Judy Hanning / Dec 5, 2020
The key to IEP is to figure out the source of the behavior for the child who needs the IEP.Read more
Michelle Person Has Been Helping People With IEP Questions
Judy Hanning / Dec 4, 2020
Meeting with the teacher of the child is a good idea if you are having an IEP meeting.Read more
Dr Carole Liebrman Has Answers For IEP Questions
Judy Hanning / Dec 3, 2020
Parents can sometimes have too much pride to ask for an IEP and don't wanna believe there is an issue.Read more
IEP Answers Are Made Easy Thanks To Ingrid Klimek
Judy Hanning / Dec 2, 2020
The parents are always the one that has to initiate an IEP meeting with the teacher.Read more
When An IEP Is Needed
Judy Hanning / Nov 24, 2020
There are times when a child will not need to have an IEP and the Intervention will work just fine.Read more