Liz Weaver / Sep 14, 2018
Neuroscience tells us that there is a faster way to enhance learning. No it's not more homework. And I discovered it first!Read more
Liz Weaver / Sep 10, 2018
Once a child starts to develop negative emotions around schoolwork things can get very difficult. Fortunately, there's a way out. A struggling learner can learn to enjoy learning once again.Read more
Liz Weaver / Sep 7, 2018
Sometimes you can struggle with a problem for years before realizing the answer is so simple. That's what happened with this Mom who tried to help her two boys do well in school for years with no results. Until one day she stumbled upon the solution. And it was so easy.Read more
Liz Weaver / Aug 31, 2018
The one factor that most leads a child to good grades and success is teachable. It's not all about talent. There's more to it than that.Read more
Liz Weaver / Aug 30, 2018
Can lavish praise lead a child to fail? Learn how some parents make this simple mistake which causes terrible anxiety and low self-esteem in children.Read more
Liz Weaver / Aug 28, 2018
Is your child actually experiencing pain while learning? The answer may be surprising. Find out what you can do to stop it.Read more
Liz Weaver / Jul 30, 2018
If your child is struggling and you are doing everything you can to help, there might be an easier way.Read more
Liz Weaver / Jul 10, 2018
Do you cherish those moments? I sure do. Not only are those moments one of the biggest joys of life, they are also the key to helping your child get through their struggles. Especially math and other...Read more
Liz Weaver / Jul 10, 2018
All of them were brand new to my class, all referred to me by Mr. Pickens, the elementary school principal. (Smart guy) And every one of them was struggling in school. Nearly all had attention...Read more
Liz Weaver / Jul 9, 2018
They both had discovered that their sons had trouble learning math around the same time. Their boys were very alike as well. Both boys were incredibly intelligent, yet math was a struggle. Both boys...Read more
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