Judy Hanning / May 15, 2023
Each family has their own rituals and routines and sometimes difficult to distinguish between them. A ritual is a series of actions that are done repeatedly while a tradition is a belief or behavior...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 14, 2023
It is vital for children to develop strategies that will help them manage their emotions so that they will be able to build social-emotional skills just like adults. It’s not natural for children to...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 12, 2023
Whenever a student is going to take a test, test anxiety starts to crop up. Test anxiety does not only affect teenagers, but even very young children also experience it. More and more young children...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 12, 2023
What is the meaning of being assertive? Being assertive is having the ability to speak up in an honest and respectful way. Every day, we're in situations where Being assertive can help us with...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 11, 2023
Staying true to yourself and not caring too much about others’ opinions about you is the best possible way to live your life to the fullest. When you value others’ opinions of how you should live...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 10, 2023
It’s very frustrating for parents when they hear their children complain and whine. But we must remember that this is completely normal since the average adult complains 30 times a day. Children...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 9, 2023
Whenever we hear compliments and criticisms, we often focus on the negative. Often, this is how it works for the human brain even from a young age. Our brains constantly examine the environment for...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 9, 2023
It becomes especially confusing and sometimes alarming for children when families and communities face experience difficult times, like natural disasters, pandemics, or other traumatic experiences...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 9, 2023
Comparisons permit us to form a baseline for where we are in life, and where we want to be. It allows us to evaluate ourselves against our peers, against our friends and colleagues, against our...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 9, 2023
Empowerment according to the dictionary is defined as the process of feeling secure and more assertive, especially in claiming one's rights and controlling one's life. Empowering our children is to...Read more