root / Oct 19, 2019
The power of the growth mindset is a life changing concept. Restoring the natural love of learning for children and adults alike.Read more
Fun Summer Activities For Learning
Judy Hanning / Oct 17, 2019
Summer is a really good opportunity for children to learn through experience and parents can take part in this too.Read more
Learning By Doing
Judy Hanning / Sep 23, 2019
Your child can learn a lot better by doing rather than listening, or reading over the Summer.Read more
What A Tantrum Means
Judy Hanning / Sep 22, 2019
There are some kids that are reluctant to learn and they can be very defiant over the Summer too.Read more
Cooking With Kids
Judy Hanning / Sep 21, 2019
Keeping kids busy over the Summer with learning activities is a tough thing, but there are things that can help them stay active academically.Read more
Family Book Club
Judy Hanning / Sep 20, 2019
Family book club is a great thing to do with your family and this means everyone picks out a book and shares it with the other members of the family.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 19, 2019
When teachers collaborate, great ideas are will come to light. These discussions will not only benefit the students but the teachers as well.Read more
Art Lessons For Kids over Summer
Judy Hanning / Sep 19, 2019
There are some homemade water color paints that kids can use and make art with over the Summer.Read more
Allowing Curiosity For Kids
Judy Hanning / Sep 18, 2019
Allowing time for your kids to problem solve and read books like Jack and the Beanstalk over Summer.Read more
Subscription Boxes For Kids
Judy Hanning / Sep 17, 2019
Subscription boxes are a lot of fun for kids and they come with all of the instructions you need for them.Read more