The use of rubrics in the classroom falls in and out of favor, as do other trends. This infographic demonstrates why rubrics, unlike other trends, should be here to stay. Rubrics, in essence, are an easy way to score student work objectively. They are succinct scoring charts that allow for student work to be fairly evaluated. Therefore, it can improve teaching methodologies and ensure unbiased assessment. Rubrics can also be used to help increase student agency and intrinsic motivation, a constant struggle in today’s reward-based culture. This infographic is neatly split into two sections, “Why Use Rubrics?” and “How to Use Rubrics?” This allows the user (presumably a teacher) to easily refer back to relevant information as needed to help deliver quality education, regardless of experience or expertise.

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Why use rubrics? Rea

Infographic created by

Mia Mac Meekin

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