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The data, or lack thereof, makes it clear that ADHD is not genetic. It is a behavioral issue. Read further to find out the truth behind recent studies saying otherwise.Read more
Dyscalculia / Aug 13, 2016
For children, learning math becomes easier when they have fun. This can be achieved through math circles. A way to combine concepts such as magic tricks with fundamentals in order to facilitate learning.Read more
Dyscalculia / Jul 12, 2016
Math circles originated in Europe and are now taking America by storm. They make math fun.Read more
Organization in the home can be key to keeping a child with ADHD calm and providing for a more relaxed environment. Check out this article to see how your home stacks up.Read more
Dyslexia / Jun 23, 2016
Curiosity leads to the need to learn. The “three C’s” lead to successful students.Read more
Dyscalculia / Aug 19, 2015
Sadly, the boys-are-better-than-girls bias is still around, lingering in our schools. And many teachers are not aware that favoring boys over girls would not only lead to a wider gender-wage gap, but wasted talent. When girls are sidelined, their aptitude for math suffer and so do their grades.Read more
Parenting / Aug 16, 2015
Talking with your child's teacher regarding behavior problems your young child is having is always difficult. Parents often find it far easier to approach the conference angry or defensive, but those meetings are rarely productive. Put aside the anger, anxiety and fear and consider the teacher and your child as allies learning to work together. Before the Meeting Take some time before the conference to seek information from your child and perhaps your child's school friends. Get the child's point of view, opinions and facts. Ask when the problems seemed to have started. Was there some event in the child's life around that time? Is he acting out in rebellion, confusion or pain?Read more
More and More children are being put on psychoactive drugs. Parents are often pressured to do so. What do you think we should do about so many psycho active drugs being so easily prescribed to children?Read more
I think it is safe to say that all parents want the best for their children. They do their best to provide an environment and create an atmosphere that enables the child to reach his or her full...Read more