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Parenting / Aug 12, 2019
In all the rush of back to school don't forget the most important thing...Read more
Parenting / Aug 11, 2019
How would it feel if your child enjoyed school? It's possible. Here's how!Read more
Parenting / Aug 7, 2019
Introducing the free "Smarter This Summer" program. A free fun summertime learning experience.Read more
Parenting / Jun 11, 2019
With some simple strategies, it can be easy to keep kids academic skills sharp over summer. Super important because so many kids lose skills over the summer.Read more
Parenting / Jun 3, 2019
Summer is make it or break it time. Kids that develop learning skills move ahead the next year. The ones that don't fall further behind. However, you don't have to do academics over summer to develop learning skills. If done right you can have your cake and eat it too!Read more
Parenting / Apr 28, 2019
If your child is struggling in school then asking the right questions is the fastest path to a solutionRead more
Dyslexia / Apr 8, 2019
New data shows that many girls with dyslexia may not be getting diagnosed. Or at least diagnosed much later in life. Without recognizing the problem they certainly aren't getting the help they need.Read more
Dyslexia / Feb 23, 2019
We've just released this data from our dyslexia test and what it is telling us points to easier solutions for reading difficulties. Take a look and tell us what you see in the data.Read more
Neuroscience of Learning / Jan 16, 2019
Does your child desperately need to de-stress? These tips and tools can help build your child's confidence and grit for long-lasting success! Resulting in better learning abilities which then result in better grades. Want to know how?Read more