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Dyslexia / Feb 23, 2019
We've just released this data from our dyslexia test and what it is telling us points to easier solutions for reading difficulties. Take a look and tell us what you see in the data.Read more
Neuroscience of Learning / Jan 16, 2019
Does your child desperately need to de-stress? These tips and tools can help build your child's confidence and grit for long-lasting success! Resulting in better learning abilities which then result in better grades. Want to know how?Read more
Reading / Jan 9, 2019
Reading requires several underlying skills. Has your child developed them properly?Read more
Reading / Jan 3, 2019
It's very evident that, for many children, reading practice is not the best way to improve reading. Here's one technique that shows incredible 40% gains. If you are pushing a lot of reading practice and it's not working maybe you should consider other methods. Stop banging your head against a wall.Read more
Parenting / Oct 30, 2018
Sometimes the answers come from odd places. As long as they come, right? This trick has helped many people from all walks of life. Could it help you too?Read more
Education / Apr 5, 2018
Are we missing out on the ancient ways of developing learning ability? Are our children suffering because of it?Read more
Spelling / Jul 14, 2017
Spelling may seem a little thing but it causes big issues. This will help explain the cause of poor spellingRead more