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Parenting / Jan 20, 2023
Has your child ever come home from school and said “My Teacher Hates Me!”Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 17, 2023
Nobody Helps Struggling GirlsRead more
Dyslexia / Oct 25, 2022
If your child is struggling in school because of dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or any other similar learning challenge, then this video will give you the strategies you need, in the order you need them, to help your child overcome that problem.Read more
Education / Aug 7, 2020
Remote learning has quickly become a necessary service and using it well is now a valuable skill. Hafeez Lakhani provides remote learning services to students through Lakhani Coaching. He is a twenty year veteran in one-on-one education, Hafeez has mastered an approach to teaching where he infuses instruction with powerful elements of motivation. His passion for coaching manifests in its mastery—having honed the Lakhani Coaching method to serve a growing population of high achievers. Who better to learn from to get the most out of remote learning for your young learner. Check out this interviewRead more
Education / May 27, 2020
Parents today are considering alternative methods of educating their children. Many have figured out that the systems used by public education for the last 100 years have become outdated and inefficient. It likely does not provide the best education possible for your child. Jerry Mintz has spent his entire career helping people put together alternative education programs. He specializes in student-led learning. This concept is something to consider for your child and you can learn about it in this episode.Read more
other / May 15, 2020
Now is the time for family bonds to tighten. Spending time with your kids with a loving and positive attitude is essential. Read to them. Work with them on learning activities. Get as much positive out of this as possible. Learning Success Can Show You How!Read more
Parenting / Oct 2, 2019
When it comes to improving children's behavior Josh Ruse is the man! Listen in as Josh reveals the secrets he uses to help teachers gain control of their classroom. Pro-tip: It works for parents too!Read more
/ Sep 26, 2019
Does it sometimes seem like your children only hear a small portion of what you say? Turns out that's probably true. And in this episode, you'll learn the simple secret to fixing that. And with better communication, you'll gain a better understanding of your child's world. Once that happens problems get solved.Read more
Parenting / Sep 20, 2019
There is an amazing power in teaching kids kindness. It affects everything around them and makes life so much nicer, easier, and more fulfilling. And you'd be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgable about raising kind kids than Nicole Black. You'll learn something fantastic in this podcastRead more