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Parenting / Nov 7, 2019
The amazing story of a young man with autism who beat all the odds and made it into his dream college. Competing in swimming in the NCAA. And the mother who made it all happen.Read more
Parenting / Sep 29, 2019
If your child is not performing at academics as well as expected then their brain may need something different. In this podcast Marla covers the neuroscience backed techniques for helping your child become a fantastic learner. If your child's academic performance is fantastic then you REALLY need to listen Give it a listenRead more
Parenting / Aug 26, 2019
Child not following instructions as well as could be? The cause might be something non-obvious. Find out in this article.Read more
Parents of children with ADHD or ADD know that the going can be tough. If you are a parent of a child with ADHD / ADD or just has trouble focusing in school then we've got you covered. This podcast episode is packed with useful information you need to know to make your life easier.Read more more
Neuroscience of Learning / Mar 30, 2016
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Mathematics / Mar 30, 2016
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