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Dyslexia / Jan 15, 2022
Did you know that there are different types of dyslexia? And understanding each one helps you get to the bottom of the problem. This video explains.Read more
IEP / Nov 19, 2021
You can get the series here Deciding whether or not an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is right for your child is a difficult task. If you don't pursue an IEP and your child needs one they won't...Read more
Neuroscience of Learning / Oct 12, 2021
But - why is this, exactly? There are some controversial perceptions regarding music and its origins, whether music came before speech or if speech was evolved directly from music. However, music is...Read more
Parenting / Oct 30, 2020
Have your child's emotions ever run out of control? Did their emotions seem overly intense? Maybe it happened in public and it really felt like your child was trying to embarrass you. This new documentary explores big emotions. Why children have them. How parents can help children through them. How parents can teach children to be emotionally intelligent. And simple things parents can do to improve behavior. Parents will learn to tap into their own inner wisdom to find the answers. And in so doing, will positively impact generations to come. Watch the documentary tonight.Read more
Parenting / Aug 9, 2020
Learn how remote working while educating your children at home can have incredible advantages. Lots of great tips in this podcast.Read more
Parenting / Aug 8, 2020
Learn how to make the most out of educating at home with homeschooling consultant Erin Weidemann. Erin is a sought-after homeschool consultant, certified teacher, coach, and nationally-recognized...Read more
Parenting / Jan 27, 2020
In this case the child’s own expectations A lot of really smart children fall into the trap of feeling stupid. And sometimes other people in their life assume it too. They make assumptions about...Read more
Parenting / Jan 15, 2020
If your child is behaving badly there may be a deep-seated biological reason. It may be a sign of something else.Read more