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Dyslexia / Dec 13, 2018
Scientists have discovered a variation on dyslexia which causes similar, but different symptoms.Read more
ADHD is a point of contention for doctors and scientists -- not just what causes it, but how to treat it.Read more
Dyscalculia / Dec 10, 2018
Dyscalculia is a term that has been used since the 1970s. If you are not familiar with it, give this a once-over. It affects up to 6% of Americans.Read more
Dyslexia / Nov 28, 2018
If a dyslexic is taught with traditional methods things may go wrong. Dyslexic children are often bright but still may fail in school if the teaching does not match their learning style. The diagnosis often comes after a child has fallen behind and is frustrated by schoolwork. 
When dyslexia is identified early, students can get the necessary resources and help that they need. Learn more in this article.Read more
Dyscalculia / Nov 26, 2018
Bad at math and/or finances? You are not alone. Being bad at money management is correlated with one’s math ability.Read more
Mathematics / Feb 26, 2018
Seeing "financial" and "illiteracy" in the same sentence is scary. But stats show that Americans are not financially educated. Could teaching financial literacy in schools be the key?Read more
Education / Feb 22, 2018
Is note-taking in your college lectures too daunting? It may be time to start recording those notes.Read more
Education / Feb 7, 2018
Are you a stressed out, overworked teacher? Learning mindfulness can have a positive effect on your classroom.Read more
Autism Spectrum Disorder / Jan 31, 2018
History has shown that children with learning disabilities often display amazing skills, but they must be nurtured.Read more