Students with learning disabilities go through bullying just like every kid or teen. However, because of their disabilities, the bullying might be amplified. And it is heartbreaking, really. Which parent can bear seeing their child getting bullied? And sometimes, it may even seem that schools and society are tolerant about bullies and bullying.

The remedy

Below are 7 steps to ensure your children are able to deal with this common problem:

1.  Empower them with words and escape routes. Remember, if they feel powerless, they’ll be victimized.  Try roleplaying the scenario and rehearse them, till your children know how to handle them.

2. Give them a safe place to be.  For instance, if it’s the playground and a certain person continues to be aggressive toward your children, talk to the teachers and principal and find someone that can watch over them, such as an older student, yard duty teacher, etc. If all else fails, consider transferring your children to better schools or even homeschooling. 

3. Enroll your children in martial arts or another empowering sport, such as boxing or kickboxing.  

4.  Accentuate what your children are good at.  Find a sport or activity that will give your child confidence.  Confidence is not appealing to bullies.

5.  Make sure your children are clean, presentable, and in fashion.  In other words, don’t give any kid a reason to pick on your children just by looking at him or her.  Branded clothing can be purchased at thrift stores or on sale racks.  It may not mean much to some parents, but if their children look different than other children, it is a first step toward getting picked on.

6.  If your children are suffering from social problems, find classes that can teach these important skills.  Or, you can work on these skills through play dates or other organized activities.

7.  Listen to your children.  Take heed of what they are telling you.  Don’t just tell them that things will get better and do nothing.  Doing nothing can endanger them.  Take your children’s viewpoints and take them seriously.

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