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Parenting / Mar 22, 2023
Sarah had been trying to help her son Jake for years. Once Jake had hit third grade she noticed he seemed to be struggling in school, particularly in reading and writing. Over the next few years, his...Read more
Reading / Mar 22, 2023
Books are a uniquely portable magic. Stephen King It is what you read when you don't have to, that determines what you will be, when you can't help it. Oscar Wilde Once you learn to read, you will be...Read more
Education / Mar 22, 2023
Parents are a child's first and most important teacher. By being involved in their child's education, parents can help set their child up for success. Unknown Education is not just about getting good...Read more
Dyslexia / Mar 13, 2023
A teacher sent the following note home with a six-year-old boy: “He is too stupid to learn.” That boy was Thomas A. Edison. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. Albert Einstein I...Read more
Parenting / Mar 1, 2023
Hi I’m Samantha from Learning Success and we made this video to help parents build confidence in their children. There are many powerful neuroscience-based techniques that build confidence. And we...Read more
Dyslexia / Feb 21, 2023
If you have read the comments on dyslexia videos, there are a few very common threads you have seen. Many of them about how dyslexia has affected people emotionally. Some about how it has held them...Read more
Parenting / Jan 20, 2023
Has your child ever come home from school and said “My Teacher Hates Me!”Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 17, 2023
Nobody Helps Struggling GirlsRead more
Dyslexia / Oct 25, 2022
If your child is struggling in school because of dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or any other similar learning challenge, then this video will give you the strategies you need, in the order you need them, to help your child overcome that problem.Read more