Judy Hanning / May 1, 2023
Knowing how to spell is important for three reasons: Communication: Spelling is a vital component of communication. Literacy: Spelling and reading skills are goes hand in hand to help develop overall...Read more
Judy Hanning / May 1, 2023
Children with dyslexia require 32% larger type sizes of letter font than what their non-Dyslexic peers need to achieve their maximum reading speeds. Dyslexic children can read 27% faster when the...Read more
Precious / Apr 29, 2023
Miranda: "Carla, my son's reading is still so bad. I'm about to lose it. I can't believe it. He's been struggling with reading for years, and no matter how much tutoring he gets, it seems like he's...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 28, 2023
What can parents do to make their children good readers? Good readers actively participate in the story and by identifying with the characters. Children need to visualize what is happening, follow...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 26, 2023
Smart reading is a capability that every student should learn how to develop through using a set of strategies in their reading and analyzing of texts. It is about understanding what to read, when to...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 18, 2023
Dyslexia is a learning disorder that primarily affects the skills involved in fluent and accurate word reading and spelling. Characteristic features of dyslexia are verbal memory, difficulties in...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 16, 2023
This beautiful infographic was created to show the four major reasons why reading graphic novels is beneficial for students. Graphic novels are created to help sharpen promote vocabulary acquisition...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 16, 2023
For a student to have a great-quality academic career, one must have a high-quality education from preschool, kindergarten, and first grade, particularly in reading. Kids who do not develop basic...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 14, 2023
Talking, playing sound, word games, singing, reading, drawing, and writing with your child are great ways to lay a good literacy foundation. The great news is that everyday activities, like bath time...Read more
Judy Hanning / Apr 14, 2023
Audio-assisted reading is an activity where students can read along in their books as they hear a fluent reader read the book on an audio recording like an audiotape, audiobook, or iPod. Audio...Read more