Judy Hanning / Oct 10, 2017
Dyslexia does not only affect reading abilities. Please read this article to learn about the additional affects of dyslexia.Read more
Judy Hanning / Oct 9, 2017
Something as simple as tying shoes can be challenging for dyslexics, so here are some alternatives.Read more
Judy Hanning / Oct 9, 2017
There are numerous myths about dyslexia, but there are also ways to succeed with it.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 28, 2017
Looking for creative ways to incorporate digital tools into deeper learning in your class? Find out in this infographic the 3 Main Ways that Digital Learning promotes Deeper Learning.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 27, 2017
Are you a teacher or a homeschool parent needing a guideline in scoring assignments of your students? Find out how you can use "Rubrics" system in assessing and monitoring the assignments of your students or kids.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 21, 2017
Surely you also got confused using one of these "12 Most Misused English Words". Find out from this infographic the differences of similar words but actually have different usage and meaning.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 20, 2017
There are more than a few good reasons to read aloud to your child. Learn about it from this infographic.Read more
Judy Hanning / Sep 20, 2017
Can you imagine trying to read with the letters moving around? This infographic might help you understandRead more
Judy Hanning / Sep 8, 2017
Scientists have discovered a variation on dyslexia which causes similar, but different symptoms.Read more
Judy Hanning / Aug 23, 2017
Looking for an effective reading program for your dyslexic child or students? Check out "The Orton-Gillingham Reading Approach" program by Dr. Erica Warren, the outline/contents of the program is presented in the infographicRead more
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