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Parenting / Aug 9, 2020
Learn how remote working while educating your children at home can have incredible advantages. Lots of great tips in this podcast.Read more
Parenting / Aug 8, 2020
Learn how to make the most out of educating at home with homeschooling consultant Erin Weidemann. Erin is a sought-after homeschool consultant, certified teacher, coach, and nationally-recognized...Read more
Parenting / Jan 27, 2020
In this case the child’s own expectations A lot of really smart children fall into the trap of feeling stupid. And sometimes other people in their life assume it too. They make assumptions about...Read more
Parenting / Jan 15, 2020
If your child is behaving badly there may be a deep-seated biological reason. It may be a sign of something else.Read more
Parenting / Jan 6, 2020
Children build their learning skills through play. Knowing the stages and types of play can really help a parent understand how their child is developing and guide that development in the best way possible. Learn how in this podcast.Read more
Parenting / Dec 10, 2019
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Parenting / Dec 5, 2019
Talking to children is not always effective. Especially when they are in emotional states. Erica Curtis has some very innovative answers for improving communication with your children and much more.Read more
Parenting / Dec 1, 2019
In a rush to improve test scores and implement standardized testing we may have forgotten one of the most important aspects of learning, interpersonal skills. Studies are showing that without these soft skills students are often not able to focus in class. Dr Amy Webb translates the research for us and helps us understand the importance of soft skills.Read more
Education / Nov 15, 2019
Emily has a different take on teaching. She feels that relationships matter in teaching. We think she is right. The latest science says so too!Read more