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Parenting / May 6, 2023
Parents have an incredible power to shape their children's future. Research has consistently that the parenting styles, parental involvement, attachment, socio-emotional support, and home environment are positively associated with children's academic achievement, psychological well-being and social competence. Authoritative parenting, characterized by high levels of warmth and responsiveness as well as appropriate discipline, is often associated with the best outcomes in children. Parental involvement, secure attachment, socio-emotional support and a positive home environment can all contribute to successful futures for children. With these things in mind, moms have an incredible power to shape their children's future.Read more
Parenting / Mar 1, 2023
"You're always getting into trouble!" This phrase can make a child feel like they are constantly being judged and criticized. An alternative phrase could be "I know you're capable of making better...Read more
Parenting / Nov 9, 2022
Has your child ever become emotional over homework, reading, math, tests, or just going to school? Have they ever said anything like, "I'm not smart" or "I'm not good at" Or shown in any other way that they may be experiencing low self-esteem or lack of confidence? Those are symptoms that may lead to deeper emotional issues later on.Read more
Parenting / Nov 8, 2022
Does your child struggle with homework? Take too long to get it done, Avoid it, or even get emotional when it's time to do homework. Well, the first step in solving that problem is to figure out what the underlying issue is, and that is what we made this video to help you do.Read more
Parenting / Nov 7, 2022
Start a Free Trial of the Learning Success System 00;00;00;17 - 00;00;23;02 Liz Weaver Have you ever sat down to help your child with homework? And what should have taken 30 minutes? Took 3 hours?...Read more
Dysgraphia / Nov 5, 2022
Let’s get into it. Score yourself as we go. Just add a 1 to your score for each yes answer. Question #1 Does your child have difficulty holding pencils, pens, or markers, or holds them awkwardly?...Read more
Parenting / Nov 2, 2022
According to psychology, there are only four styles of parenting. Each has a different effect on children’s academic performance, whether or not they will enjoy school, their ability to learn, their behavior, and how they get along with others. That’s all very important stuff. Right? So let’s go through each and find out which you are.Read more
Dyslexia / Nov 2, 2022
Are there more specific learning disabilities than dyslexia? In fact, there are. But before we get into them, let’s talk about what a specific learning disability is, and what it is not.Read more
Dysgraphia / Oct 29, 2022
Are you frustrated because you’ve tried to help but they still struggle with writing? And maybe you’re a bit confused because your child may seem very intelligent. They just have trouble with writing, and you wonder why.Read more