For the mixed dominant learning Brain balancing is an essential exercise. When you can also incorporate handwriting skills it's a double win. This simple exercise does both.

Handwritng skills are a critical part of the learning process and cannot be overlooked.

Kids are often asked to read in front of the class. When they struggle they can hear the snickers. It's public humiliation at it's worst.

Is it possible to improve reading and writing skills with simple little exercises that don’t really seem all that related to reading or handwriting?

Well let me show you one and you decide!

Reading problems are really a problem these days.

It's so rampant that I get literally thousands of emails and visitors to my website every month from people who want to improve reading in themselves or in their children or students. Some are diagnosed with dyslexia, some are not.

They often are parents trying to help their kids be better readers, teens or college students that are struggling due to poor reading skills, or even adults who are embarrassed about their reading skills.

Reading problems are the worst. Because reading pops up everywhere. It's the quickest to kill self esteem. Kids are often asked to read in front of the class. When they struggle they can hear the snickers. It's public humiliation at it's worst.

Also, if a person struggles to read then comprehension goes out the window. Too much energy is spent on the words and there's none left over for what they mean.

Reading instructions can be the worst. A poor reader can read even a simple set of instructions yet not understand what they mean. They have to concentrate on the words so much. They can’t think about the meaning.

It’s horrible!

Especially if it carries on to adulthood. I know plenty of adults that had these problems as children and never got help. They all went on to take jobs that required very little reading. Truck drivers, waitresses, fast food workers. Not that these are bad jobs, it just would have been better if they had a choice. I wish I could have been around to help them when they were kids. Before they developed such low opinions of themselves.

Almost all people who have reading issues have what I call "Right Hemisphere Sovereignty Syndrome".

I'll go over what that is in a sec. But first it's important to realize that there are probably some pretty big strengths due to RHSS.

Some might be


Socialization skills

Ability to visualize

People with RHSS often have some of these skills and more. So don't beat yourself up. There are big benefits that come along with the issues.

RHSS is not really about a weakness. Which is what people think. It's about a strength.

Literally what is happening is the right brain hemisphere is so powerful that it doesn't let the left brain hemisphere do it's job.

Reading and other language skills (handwriting, getting thoughts down on paper, following instructions) are a left brained activity. All of the language centers are in the left brain hemisphere.

So if the right hemisphere is overly dominant, this can cause big problems.

One thing you can do is brain balancing exercises. These are exercises that strengthen the corpus callosum. That’s the little connector part of the brain. The part that let’s the hemispheres work together.

This is not only a brain balancing exercise it also incorporates language skills and writing. Rather than explain how to do it let me show you.

This is an exercise from the learning success course called magic 8's

[insert video here]

That exercise is good because it helps balance the brain. It keeps the right hemisphere happy so it doesn’t overpower the left. It is cross lateral, so it strengthens the corpus collosum.  And it involves the language centers of the brain.

And it’s super simple and kinda fun.

That's a great exercise. Simple and easy exercises like that can be a big help.

Unfortunately it's not the whole solution. A full solution would have

Brain balancing Exercises (lots of them and lots of different types )

It would Incorporate the body. Using the body helps create new brain cells and new neural pathways. It’s the path to learning skills development.

It would have lots of exercises to build up the fundamentals of learning. Since the right brain has been dominant there are bound to be a few weaknesses in the left that need taking care of. Reading weaknesses can have several other causes. Causes like poor auditory memory, auditory discrimination problems, poor visual memory or visual discrimination problems, weak eye muscles, etc. But all of these can be worked on with simple exercises. You just have to get the right combination of exercises.

Self Esteem

Self esteem is a big one. Kids who have had problems learning are sure to have some self esteem problems . Those lacking in focus can also lose self esteem. So it's critical to work in a way to increase self esteem.

That means you want every exercise you do be structured for success. Small success build self esteem. So set your child up for lots and lots of small successes

So to recap a great program should have

  • Exercises to build up the fundamentals of learning
  • Structure to develop self esteem
  • Cross lateral body exercises to increase learning potential

Of course the Learning Success System has all of that. No other system does.

So if you want an easy system you can do at home with your child to overcome learning difficulties. Grab your copy now.

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Key Takeaways:

Brain balancing is essential for mixed dominant learners
Handwriting is essential for learning
Integrating the body aids in learning

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