Neuroscience of Learning


Judy Hanning / Mar 16, 2019
Tonight's family discussion—the brain! Teach your child about the left and right hemispheres. They'll be intrigued and so will you!Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 12, 2019
This brain heirarchy infographic will help you learn the brain parts and functions. Brain anatomy in a simple to understand infographic. Check it out!Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 10, 2019
Exercising your brain is as simple as brushing your teeth with your nondominant hand. Try these simple exercises with your kids today.Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 8, 2019
It's never too late to learn a new language. What language have you always wanted to learn?Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 8, 2019
Yes, your IQ does change over time. Find out what else has been proven to be false.Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 8, 2019
Before you start your day, do this self-hypnosis. The stress will melt away.Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 5, 2019
Art Improves thinking skills. Parts of the brain actually become more developed. Both you and your child will benefit from art, whether it's music, painting, writing, or dancing. These activities are good for developing brain balance. A hemispherically balanced brain is a more powerful brain. Learn more in this infographic.Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 2, 2019
Don't let anxiety or depression hinder your life. Take action by maintaining a healthy diet. Find out what foods you should be eating to beat anxiety and depression.Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 2, 2019
We all know that too much-fried food is bad for our health, but did you know it can also negatively affect our brain? Find out what else will affect your brain (the good and bad).Read more
Judy Hanning / Mar 2, 2019
Whether you're a marketer or are interested in the subject. This infographic explains marketing from the viewpoint of a Psychologists.Read more