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Education / Oct 14, 2020
Is your child struggling in school? Tried everything with no results These three simple at-home tests can point you in the right direction.Read more
Parenting / Jun 9, 2020
Under a lot of stress? Studies show that mothers of struggling students can have near clinical levels of stressRead more
Parenting / Aug 14, 2019
There is one factor that can predict your child's success. It's not intelligence and has nothing to do with academic skills. And yes it can be learned. Help your child with this and everything gets easier.Read more
Dysgraphia / Jan 9, 2019
Does your child struggle to get ideas down on paper? Many do. Use this simple writing tip to develop the skills to get past it.Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 3, 2019
Slow, difficult reading can have a number of causes. Some are easier than others to fix. This is one of the easier ones. Try out this quick little exercise to improve visual closure. (Free visual closure exercise included).Often reading difficulty is caused by a combination of learning miro-skill problems. These problems can be in the auditory, the visual, or even the kinesthetic learning areas. So all areas should be strengthened even if one is the obvious trouble spot.Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 2, 2019
We hear you and understand your troubles. Trust us: dealing with a child with dyslexia is manageable. Here are 10 simple dyslexia strategies. Get the free download (no optin)Read more
Dyslexia / Jan 2, 2019
Finally! A simple to use comprehensive dyslexia screener you can do in minutes at home. This test for dyslexia will help you understand your child's reading struggle.Read more
Dyslexia / Dec 10, 2018
Many think dyslexia is just about reading difficulties. But there's more to it than that. Many dyslexics have difficulty with following instructions. Understand the reasons why and what to do about it in this article.Read more
Dysgraphia / Nov 28, 2018
By developing handwriting you build a stronger connection between the body and mind. You incorporate multiple language centers and develop stronger learning skillsRead more