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Parenting / Apr 7, 2017
Feel like you are under a lot of stress? Studies show that mothers of struggling students can have near clinical levels of stressRead more
Dyslexia / Apr 2, 2017
We assume that attention problems lead to poor academics skills. What if it's the other way around?Read more
Education / Dec 8, 2016
Are you expecting the school system to help? It's a really good idea to assess whether waiting is the right thing to do. This article will help you do that.Read more
Dysgraphia / Dec 8, 2016
Struggle to get ideas down on paper? Many do. Use this simple tip to develop the skills to get past it.Read more
Dyslexia / Sep 6, 2016
Slow, difficult reading can have a number of causes. Some are easier than others to fix. This is one of the easier ones. Try out this quick little exercise to improve visual closure.Read more
Education / Oct 21, 2015
Harnessed well, right brain dominance is a strength. But run amuck it can cause difficulty. Learn to work well as a right brained individual.Read more
Dysgraphia / Oct 20, 2015
Cursive handwriting is fast becoming a lost art. Some schools are declaring it antiquated and unnecessary. That's a big mistake. Cursive handwriting is an important way to connect the language...Read more
Dysgraphia / Oct 19, 2015
For the mixed dominant learning Brain balancing is an essential exercise. When you can also incorporate handwriting skills it's a double win. This simple exercise does both. Handwritng skills are a...Read more
Parenting / Oct 18, 2015
Take this tip from productivity experts and apply it to helping your child become a better and more efficient learner. Add in the benefit of affirmations and you have a win. These small successes...Read more