Dyslexia is about abilities being out of balance. People with dyslexia struggle with organizational skills, which include planning, prioritizing, and timekeeping. And yet, people with Dyslexia may be brilliant in other ways, such as connecting ideas, and three-dimensional thinking. Children and adults with Dyslexia  need ways to assist with areas they struggle in while playing to their strengths. Assistive technology is a great resource for this! But what technology is best?  

This video discusses whether the iPad or Chromebook is more helpful for individuals with Dyslexia. What available apps and equipment can be used. Some of Apple's assistive technology, for example, are VoiceOver, Siri, Dictation, Speak Screen, Invert Colors/Grayscale, and Font Adjustments. A website called Genius Within offers some insight into what works best, though research is still inconclusive.

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"Writing involves mastering so many skills: coming up with ideas, organizing your thoughts, choosing each word, using punctuation, and spelling everything correctly. It's one of the most complex things we ask children to do."

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia is about abilities being out of balance
Dyslexia is not tied to IQ
There are available technology to assist individuals with Dyslexia


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