Raising your children is not easy. More often than not, you tend to shout at them when the overwhelming feeling has set in. Here are a few techniques that will help change your children's behavior:

1. “Whisper Technique“-We learn at an early age that anything that is being whispered MUST be something secretive worth listening to. Therefore, your child is more apt to pay attention to a whisper rather than to shouting, AGAIN. Whispering sets a calm atmoshpere than leads to a peaceful home environment.

2. “Chore Charts” – Chore charts can really help by posting it in a prominent area where everyone will see it every day. Just make sure to evenly divide the tasks that needs to be done.

"It's also important to rotate the less desirable jobs, so that no one “always gets stuck with the worst job”"

3. Token Economy System-If behavioural issues are a major problem for certain children, then you may create a weekly or monthly calendar or chart that shows how behaviours are progressing through the week.

"Make a list of the behaviours that can gain positive points and the behaviours that would accrue negative points. Make certain the points are weighted appropriately."

These are just a few techniques that might help both you and your child to have a positive relationship.


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