Have you ever wondered what it is like to have Dyslexia? 

The Dyslexic Viewpoint

As a teacher I've often wondered what it would feel like to have a learning disability. What do these kids go through trying to learn basic math and reading skills? Often times,  I have noticed that children lack the ability to convey exactly what they're experiencing. I've had students with dyslexia and ADHD, they become so frustrated because they don't learn like their peers and can't tell us what they experience. If my students can overcome this defeated attitude, we can make progress towards learning and overcome the learning challenges they possess. 


How to experience Dyslexia

But what if there was a way to see through their eyes to experience firsthand what it's like to have ADD, dyscalculia, or dyslexia. If you have ever wondered what's it's like to read as if you have Dyslexia check this link out http://geon.github.io/programming/2016/03/03/dsxyliea
This program gives you a real life experience trying to read as if you have dyslexia. I sat for a few minutes trying to read the text... It was beyond frustrating and I started to get a headache and wanted to give up. I can't imagine having to learn like that. As a teacher and mother of children with learning disabilities it gave me an entirely new outlook! Perhaps it will give you a new appreciation and respect for the struggle our students go through with leaning disabilities! 

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia manifests in different way
Is there a way to experience Dyslexia?
More real life methods are needed to provide first hand experiences

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