As a mom of a kid with special needs, I’m willing to bet that you recognize certain activities that like other special needs moms have become prone to. More than likely they are things that never would have occurred to you before your inauguration into special needs mom-hood. But because of that inauguration you see children in a different light, notice the potential ‘tool’ in ordinary objects and interact with other adults differently than you did in your before life.
Get perturbed with the insurance company staffer on the phone who asks for your ID even though you just punched it into your keypad. Because: You are going to get ticked off at her anyway, might as well start.
~Love That Max

Start feeling guilty that you’re not going to do all of the exercises the therapists recommends the second she tells you them.

You might, for example, find yourself flirting with anyone who might get you that appointment with the specialist who’s currently scheduling appointments into the next decade, get a bit shifty-eyed with your child’s therapist, knowing there’s no way you’re going to do all those leg extensions with your child, or find yourself ogling park children, mentally taking note of their behaviour. More than likely you hoard straws and other graspable items, accrued at fast food joints and mall carts. You’ve developed your own hit list, starting with uppity insurance agents and anyone who glares at your child. And, on bad days, if all else fails, you randomly roam the isles of the drug store, curse, stare into space, cry in your car, or stuff yourself with your child’s favorite snack food.

Key Takeaways:

Special needs moms sometimes prepare for IEP meetings as if they were going into combat.
Special needs moms are talented at pretending nothing out of the ordinary is happening even when their child has a public meltdown.
Special needs mom can send strangers an evil eye even before they shoot your child a dirty look.
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