Since 1 in 5 students have dyslexia, here are a few important points for teachers and parents to keep in mind with regard to dyslexia. First and foremost, dyslexia is a very real language-based learning disability. Individuals with dyslexia often find reading challenging, as well as with spelling, writing, and pronunciation.

For many years, there is has been such controversy about dyslexia in the world of education.

Dyslexia is a fairly common lifelong condition and something the person does not outgrow. Dyslexia is often not suspected until first grade or later. Early identification and treatment is very important and can make a big difference long-term. The good news is that there are many approaches to treating dyslexia depending upon the individual student.
There is no one solution for all with dyslexia. Not all children with reading, decoding and spelling problems consistent with dyslexia actually have dyslexia. Other language problems that cause reading challenges also need attention.
~Joan Brennan

Key Takeaways:

Nearly one in five students is challenged with dyslexia.
Dyslexia is genetic and a lifelong condition.
Teachers need to understand dyslexia to support this gifted demographic.
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