“Needs improvement” and “never been worse have big differences.” Everyone has their own view of the world. Learning more about how you see the world depends on how you answer certain questions. For example, ask yourself why the perpetrator acted a certain way. Was it because he was bad or he just made a bad choice.

Objectivity is a real thing and truth does in fact exist, but the existence of truth doesn’t mean we’re all good at seeing it.
~Mary C. Tillotson

Everyone perceives learning, choices, and emotions differently.

Psychology classrooms aren’t the only place that cognitive biases exist. If you hear something bad about someone you don’t like chances are you will believe it. If you hear something bad about someone you do like you will probably not believe it. Your emotions can hold different people to different standards.

Key Takeaways:

There are a variety of ways to get news but there are distinct ways in order to tell fact from fiction.
To take the news in an attempt to think critically, know your narrative and know how you will emotionally react to a topic.
Other ways to look at the news critically is to run the idea through your own experience and be mindful of buzzwords in your news article.
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