Dyslexia fonts may or may not be helpful to readers with this difficulty. Certain services offer free fonts, but these have had no research published saying whether they help. There has been some promising research, but none of this can be proven. Thankfully there are some alternatives backed by research.

“Fonts, colored overlays, and vision therapy are all ways NOT to treat dyslexia.”

There is some question as to whether Dyslexia fonts are helpful to readers. Some services offer free fonts and have some interesting ideas what may help combat these difficulties. Social media gets all excited about new findings while forgetting that none of this has yet been proven to work.
Though Dyslexie’s research has not been published in a journal, there has been some research done that seems to be promising. To be clear, this font is not an intervention or solution to dyslexia, but it may make reading a bit easier.
~Taylor Quinn

Key Takeaways:

While there is no scientific evidence, dyslexia fonts may be helpful to children with dyslexia.
There fonts can be found online for free by companies such as Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic.
These fonts have letters that have thicker lines, are slightly slanted, and contain letters with sticks and tails (p,b, d) that vary in length.
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