Many children have trouble learning to read. Some adults even have trouble reading. To ease into learning, some children have easier time learning while using an audio recording. The child can use an audio recording, such as an audio book to read alongside with. That cements the recognition of words.
People learn in many ways, and learning to read isn’t any different. For some children it is easier to learn to read with visual and audio media. Children read alongside of an audio recording and are able to associate a written word with a spoken one. Being able to associate the words will instill confidence.
Text-to-speech technologies convert printed text into spoken words using synthesized voices. This type of technology is built into most computer operating systems, mobile devices, and e-book readers.
~Help For Struggling Readers

Key Takeaways:

The RIGHT technologies can make ALL the difference in the world for an individual’s level of reading success.
There are helpful tech options available to allow such individuals to read with more comfort, focus, comprehension and retention.
With text-to-speech technology provides much support for the many readers who need it in the form of audiobooks
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