I really enjoyed this article about WhatsApp because I’ve had this particular app for a few years, and I’m still currently using it as well. However just to bring it to your attention about this app, is that there are and have been a few upgrades or changes to this app. Like it was mentioned about the calling options, now you have to earn points which helps with being able to make international calls. It’s just a slight difference but you can still use the calling option.

Shows an effective way to use popular technology to further progress in picking up a language in this case English.

As far as the group texting goes with WhatsApp, I love this option as well. Some people thought it was a bit difficulty using this option, but it’s pretty simple. At first I didn’t like this option because I found it a little difficult at first but now I’ love it. I personally use this app with friends and family that travels abroad, especially the group texting options.
WhatsApp is a mobile chat application that allows you to chat with people you know and make new connections. You can have one-on-one text conversations, participate in group chats and make calls through the app.

Key Takeaways:

WhatsApp is a new app that helps non-English speakers learn English.
WhatsApp allows you to share files, chat, and network with people around the world.
Learning English by typing is helpful and shows a success rate which is why WhatsApp has become popular.
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